Solar Storm Forecast – October 06, 2020 at 08:32PM

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This Space Weather News forecast sponsored in part by Millersville University:
This week we are settling down from an extended period of solar storming, but not before we get one last little kiss from our Sun. After reaching G2 storm levels last week from some fast solar wind, we have been slowly quieting down, but then over this past day, a mini-solar storm has hit from a stealthy storm launch. Since Earth’s magnetic shield has been so rattled recently, this mini-storm has bumped us back up to active conditions. So this means we could get more sporadic aurora over the next day or so, especially at high latitudes. On top of that, this mini-storm may cause additional issues for satellite operators in GEO as the high energy fluxes with build up again in the wake of this mini-storm. Radio operators and GPS users will appreciate the ending of the recent storming, but with bright region 2773 rotating to the Sun’s farside, this means solar flux is returning to the low 70s, bringing with it poor radio propagation on Earth’s dayside. Sadly, these conditions will likely last for another week or more, as we do not yet see any bright regions on the Sun’s farside that will rotate into view over this next week. However, GPS users will appreciate the low flux as it means GPS reception will improve even at low latitudes. Learn the details of the recent solar storming, catch up on aurora photos over this past week, and see what else our Sun has in store!
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Aurora Field Reporter Photos:
Vincent Voyage, Norway:
Adrien Mauduit, Senja, Norway:
NLPLNO, Lofoten, Norway:
Yek, Lahti, Suomi, Finland:
Valther Jørgensen, Nordkyst, Denmark:
John Anderson, Loch Lomond, Scotland:
Sally McPherson, Scotland:
Alistair Hamill, Portmuck, Ireland:
Donna Beaver, Cheltenham, England:
Live Aurora Network, Iceland:
Pink Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland:
Jane George, Nunavut, Canada:
Anson Pierre, Flight over Yellowknife, Canada: ;amp;set=g.622571251101914
Kim Hines, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
Northern Escape Photography, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Notanee Bourassa, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Team Tanner, Alix, Alberta, Canada:
Shixing Wen, Eagle Harbor, Michigan, USA: ;amp;set=gm.5109807499044911