Solar Storm Forecast – May 03, 2021 at 06:57AM

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This Space Weather News forecast sponsored in part by Millersville University:
This week activity slows down just a bit as we watch a trio of sunspots rotate off the west limb of the Earth-facing Sun. This means the solar flux has been dipping down into the low 70s and solar flare activity has also dropped off for now. The cool thing is that we do have several new active regions on the Sun’s farside that look to be flare-active and which are launching solar storms as well. However, it will be a few days yet until they rotate into Earth-view. Until then, amateur radio operators should expect barely marginal radio propagation over the next few days until things improve. In addition, we have several small coronal holes rotating int through the Earth-strike zone, which are giving us pockets of fast solar wind. Aurora photographers at high latitudes should expect some decent aurora views through mid-week while photographers at mid-latitudes might catch a few sporadic glimpses over the next few days. GPS users should also be careful near dawn and dusk as GPS/GNSS reception might be a irregular there as well as anywhere near where aurora is active. Learn the details of the coming fast wind, catch up on aurora photos from recent solar storms, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.
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Aurora Field Reporter Photography:
Adrien Mauduit, Senja, Norway:
I Need Space, Tromsø, Norway:
Göran Strand, Östersund, Sweden:
Jeff Davey, Whitehills, Scotland:
Chris Cogan, Muie, Scotland:
John-GM7PBB, Hebrides, Scotland:
Noorderlichtjagers, Terschelling, the Netherlands:
Live Aurora Network, Iceland:
Chris Auld, Yellowknife, Canada:
Bill Magee, Northwest Ontario, Canada:
Donna, Plumas, Manitoba, Canada:
Kim Hines, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
Justin Anderson, Southern Manitoba, Canada:
Gunjan Sinha, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Barb Quinney, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Steph Cassin, Torquay, Saskatchewan, Canada:
T3h B33’s Kn33s, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Tracy Kerestesh, Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Glen Bell, Kathyrn, Alberta, Canada:
Dylan Kaniski, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada:
Team Tanner, Alix, Alberta, Canada:
Liz Ruskin, Anchorage, Alaska, USA: ­
Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA:
Alex Resel, Peever, South Dakota, USA:
Vincent Ledvina, Park Rapids, Minnesota:
Levi Johnson, Flight over Duluth, Minnesota, USA:
Jake Stehli, Winona, Minnesota, USA:
Kevin Palmer, Rothiemay, Montana, USA:
Noel Bowman, east of Seattle, Washington, USA:
UW-Madison, CIMSS, VIIRS in LEO over Central Canada: