Solar Storm Forecast – August 10, 2020 at 08:12PM

Credit: Dr.Tamitha Skov #SpaceWeatherWoman #TamithaSkov #SpaceWeather #SolarStormForecast #SolarStorm

This Space Weather News forecast sponsored in part by Millersville University:
This week our Sun brings on the brightness with three bright regions in Earth view. One of these, region 2770 is the largest new cycle sunspot we have seen in the northern hemisphere yet! It has also fired a C-class flare, along with a bunch f mini-flares. All of this activity is boosting the solar flux up into the mid-70s. With the additional regions on the Sun’s farside rotating into view soon, we might see the solar flux move higher than its been in several years! On top of that, one of the farside regions is also a solar storm generator so we might get a chance for another solar storm as well over the next few weeks. Learn the details of these new regions, catch up on the remaining aurora photos I promised to show with Comet Neowise shooting through aurora-filled skies during our last solar storm, and see what else our Sun has in store!
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Aurora Field Reporter Credits:
Jo Lukinchuk, Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Northern Escape Photography, Boreal Forest, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Bill Allen, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Notanee Bourassa, Kisbey, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Misheyla Iwasiuk, Southwest Manitoba, Canada:
Donna, Mannitoba, Canada:
Mike Isaak, Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada:
Glen Bell, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
Siv Heang, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
Dave Wilhelm, Seattle, Washington, USA:
Noel Bowman, Hansville, Washington, USA:
Isaac Polanski, Peck, Michigan, USA:
AJ Penninga, Northern Michigan, USA:
Chris817, Lake Erie, Ohio, USA:
Jason O’Young, Huron County, Ontario, Canada:
Alan Dyer, Dinosaur Prrovincial Park, Alberta, Canada:
Aaron Jayjack, Southern Manitoba, Canada: